1. Please comfirm my schedule. 

  >> Schedule


2. Reservations are accepted from the same day 2 months before your desired.

  *ex) Reservatin in July 7th is accepted from 0:00am May 7th.

3. Please comfirm and agree to [Exemption from responsibility], then send e-mail of reservation.


4. Contract mail will be sent from me.  


5. Cancel fee is needed by any reasons. (cancel and postponement)

  7-2 days before : 1,000JPY

        1 day before : 3,000JPY 

        The day : 5,000JPY



6. Please choose the way of payment. (JPY cash or credit card)



Please send E-mail


Please fill in the information below and I'll be in touch with you in 3 days.



1) Name of you and your partner


2) Your address


3) Phone number

    *Facebook account or *LINE ID

*It is recquired if you don't live in Japan. 


4) Date




5) Location 


6) Photo session plan


AEX: Snap Standard (photo data only)

BEX: Snap Premium (photo data + photo slideshow)

CEX: Snap & Movie (photo data + movie)

DEX: Snap & Album (photo data + photo book)

EEX: Snap & Movie Plus (photo data + movie + photo book


7) Option

Time Extension (need or not) >how long?

More DVD-R  (need or not) >how many?


8) Payment (JPY cash or credit card)





Exemption from Responsibility



 My photos may be not what you expected. 



If you are not satisfied my photos or under any circumstances, the money once paid will not be refunded.


The photos are selected by my decision.



If I could not do shooting in unexpect situation, there are no any other photographer and any security of money. 




After shooting, it is possible to lose photo or movie data a caused of unexpected trouble. 

If I lose all datas, there are no security of money over the fee which you payed. 



There are no maximum and minimum limit of pictures. 


・画像ファイルは.JPEG。サイズはおよそ[3000×2000 pixl]です。
JPEG file size is about 3000 x 2000 pixls.


Delivery of photo DVD-R takes about 3-6 months after shooting.  *N(Nomal delivery) 


That delivery will be delay by unexpected reasons.



Copyright of photos are beloing to me (Mihara Yuu).


​ 掲載にあたって個別にご連絡することはありません。

Shooted photos may be upload on SNS or my website without contact and agreement of you.






About your information



Your Informations are acquired for photo session and delivery.


I do not give or expose to others without your agreement.






Information of Yuu Mihara



Yuu Mihara Trip Photography

代表者:三原由宇 (本名:増山敦)


所在地:722-0032 広島県尾道市西土堂町12-7

adress: 12-7 Nishitsuchido, Onomichi, Hiroshima Pref, JAPAN 722-0032

telephone +81-70-5598-5086
faximile +81-848-24-2812



722-0032 広島県尾道市西土堂町12-7



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